OTG Pen Drive

OTG USB pen drive india

There are situations when you have do not have a laptop with you and you suddenly need to transfer a presentation or a document from your smart phone to some other smart device. An OTG pen drive can come to your rescue in such cases. OTG or on-the-go USB drive is an extremely useful device that provides on the go facility of data transfer. This device is designed for tablets, smartphones and mobile devices that support on the go functionality. These USB drives consist of a USB port on one end and micro USB port on the other end and this eliminates the need of any cable or adapter.


 OTG USB pen driveThese drives occur in varied capacities of 8 to 16 GB and even higher and are highly compact and competent. Depending on the model of the drive and the OS of your device, you need to verify the compatibility. Various well known brands that manufacture these OTG drives provide detailed information about the compatibility with various devices. You can buy OTG USB pen drive at wholesale prices in Mumbai, India.
This USB drive is a great gift item to be considered. You can give it as a promotional, personal or a business gift. As most of the professionals use smart devices, these drives are extremely useful. You can place orders for USB On-The-Go (OTG) flash drives with wholesalers in Mumbai, India.
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