Message in a Bottle USB Flash Drive

Message in a Bottle USB Flash Drive india

Just like the tale in which the fisherman found a message in a bottle, the USB flash drive also comes in a transparent bottle and is an ideal gift. The item comes as a transparent glass bottle with a rubber cork. The pen drive is attached to the cork.

Message in a Bottle pen Drive indiaYou can get a lot of variation in the shape and sizes of the bottles and consequently in that of the cork as well. The cork can be removed and used as a pen drive. The glass bottle helps to keep the flash drives safe from dust and external damage. We are message in a bottle pen drive suppliers wholesalers in Mumbai.
However, you need to take care that the glass bottle does not break or get cracked. A good quality item will give you a good quality of the bottle and the rubber cork as well. This item is more apt as a personal gift though you can use it as a promotional gift too. You can get your brand name printed on the bottle as well. A compact and small size is preferable as it can be carried easily in your purse or bag as well. We are promotional message in a bottle flash drive suppliers in India.