Business Card Holder USB Drive

Card Holder USB Drive india

The business card pen drives consist of a card of the shape of a business or a visiting card with an attached USB drive. You can carry it along easily in your wallet as well. The USB drive can be used with the card attached to it and is thus convenient. The ease to carry it and the less chances of losing it makes it more popular.


Business Card Holder USB Drive indiaThe best advantage of a business card pen drive is the space that it provides. The complete area of the card is available to print promotional information and design. You can design the card to your will and gift it as a promotional item to your customers. You can also select this item as a corporate gift. As USB drives are widely used by professionals, this proves to be a utility item and becomes popular. We provide USB business cards at wholesale prices in India.
These cards occur in slight variations in dimensions and there is a wide choice in terms of quality as well. You can go in for the resistant, water proof cards that are extremely durable. The flash drives also occur in various capacities. We deal in business card holder with USB multifunctional storage.
We provide wholesale business card holder USB drives in Mumbai. We are also importers, wholesalers, dealers and supplier of card holder pen and USB in India.